Cultural Promotions Program

Is an outreach program designed to foster, establish, promote, and enhance cultural relations and understanding between community of the BARMM and the rest of the country.


Lakbay Kultura is one of the bureau’s frontline services. The program is designed for school children in the province of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao to have a tour and exposure to the different cultures in the province of the BARMM. The participating school children were introduced to the five (5) major ethno-linguistic groups comprising the provinces of ARMM namely Maguindanaon, M’ranao, Yakan, Tausog and Sama. To acknowledge and respect the presence of the Indigenous people in the region, the Teduray culture is also included in the lecture. Among the topic discuss are the location, traditional clothing, language, material culture and others. Lakbay Kultura aims to educate the younger generation of the colourful and beautiful culture of Bangsamoro. The awareness among children from all the provinces of BARMM of their culture gives them an essential knowledge instilling in them understanding and respect which ultimately promotes the Culture of Peace.


The Bureau has always supported the annual conduct of events in BARMM particularly those activities or celebrations that promote the cultural heritage of the Bangsamoro people. Normally, the Bureau conducts cultural activities and gives technical support through documenting said events.


The Bureau has partnered with The Extra Mile Productions in creating a coffee ta-ble book entitled PASSAGES: MUSLIM MINDANAO. This coffee table book offers a fresh view of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) way past its stereotypes. Through this book, the bureau presents to the readers a different lens in looking at BARMM and its people. The rich and diverse cultures of the Bangsamoro people have much to offer in attaining economic development and peace and order in the region.