• To respect, recognize, protect, preserve, revive, harness, develop, promote and enhance the culture, customs, traditions and beliefs and practices of the people in the area of the autonomy.
  • To train and develop future artists, leaders, teachers in the community through the performing arts and outreach program; and
  • It shall encourage and undertake the recovery, collection, collation, restoration and protection of historical landmarks and cultural properties of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region including the identification and establishment of landmarks thereof to reconstruct the grandeur of the past posterity;
  • To plan, initiate, implement, coordinate and monitor cultural programs, projects and activities that shall institutionalize the preservation and enhancement of the positive elements of the indigenous culture of the inhabitants of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region;
  • To establish a museum, archives and library to house all important historical and cultural artifacts reflecting the cultural heritage of the people of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region;
  • To coordinate with other concerned private and government agencies engaged in similar and related activities;
  • Extend technical know-how, assistance and coordination policy directions to various cultural core groups.