Calling for Nominations: Next Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan Awardees

As envisioned under R.A. 7355, “Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan” (National Living Treasures) Award is given to a citizen engaged in any traditional art uniquely Filipino whose distinctive skills have reached such a high level of technical and artistic excellence and have been passed on to and widely practiced by the present generation in his/her community with the same degree of technical and artistic competence.


Out of the 16 GAMABA Awardees since 1993, five of them are Bangsamoros.

1993 – Samaon Sulaiman (Maguindanaon Traditional Performing Artist)

2000 – Uwang Ahadas (Yakan Traditional Performing Artist)

2004 – Darhata Sawabi (Tausug Textile Weaver)

2004 – Haja Amina Appi (Sama Mat Weaver)

2016 – Ambalang Ausalin (Yakan Textile Weaver)

Do you happen to know a Bangsamoro artisan or performing group skilled in the following fields of expertise?

• Textile Weaving (Inaul, Landap, Tennun, Tepo, Pis Siyabit)

• Rattan Weaving (Monom)

• Sculpting (Monuments)

• Wood and Brass Carving (Okir/ukkil)

• Wood and Brass Making (Musical Instruments, Gador)

• Shipbuilding (Awang, Lepa, Lantsa and Ginakit)

• Architecture (Panolong, Mosque, Torogan, Astanah)

• Performing Arts (Cultural Dances, Chants, Theater Groups)

• Other artistic expression of traditional cultureHelp us discover and recognize more Bangsamoros with exemplary talents by nominating them.


For Nominations and further inquiries, kindly coordinate with BCH-BARMM Information Officer Alesa Krista Valensoy via 09262375500 / (064) 552-0028 or message us on [email protected].

Deadline for submission of Nomination forms will be on April 15, 2021. Nominations are enjoined to accomplish the nomination form in full to be able to highlight the significant data on the works and achievements of the nominee.


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