The Bangsamoro government through the Bureau on Cultural Heritage (BCH-BRMM) extends its warmest congratulations to Dr. Abubacar M. Datumanong, Al-Haj as the newly-elected commissioner of the Subcomission on Southern Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts (SCCTA) under the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and will be serving from February 2020 onwards.

Formerly the vice-head of the SCCTA Iranun-Maguindanaon Cluster, Commissioner Datumanong is a dynamic and active Bangsamoro cultural leader who work for the protection, promotion and development of the southern cultural communities and their traditional arts.

As a long time partner of Commisioner Datumanong in his endeavor to preserve the Bangsamoro Cultural Heritage, BCH-BARMM looks forward for future engagements through programs for the advancement of the history and identity of our people