Changing Perspectives: Retelling History through Bangsamoro Museum Content Enhancement

To imbibe cultural awareness and consciousness to the younger generation, Bangsamoro Bureau on Cultural Heritage (BCH-BARMM) Executive Director Ardan Sali initiates partnership with Nonviolence International Southeast Asia through Programmes Manager Mitzi Austero and Regional Representative Alfredo Lubang in enhancing the content of the Bangsamoro Museum.

The project aims to trace the narratives of the Bangsamoro people by retelling the Bangsamoro history from the perspective of its people while being mindful of the struggle for peace.

Shaping the Future Bangsamoro Museum of People’s History

Apart from having an inventory of collections and artifacts, the highlight of the project is the creation and presentation of a Bangsamoro Museum Plan that will describe the Bangsamoro Museum’s vision for the intended visitor experience.

The team will also conduct extensive background research and analysis of the Bangsamoro historical narratives that include desk research, review of past studies, interviews and group meetings with stakeholders and community focus group discussions.