General Datu Salipada K. Pendatun

Retracing Roots: The Life Story of General Datu Salipada K. Pendatun

Our identity as Bangsamoro People does not only comprise of the magnificent tapestry in the region but also the struggle of the Mujahideens in the realization of the Bangsamoro’s pride and aspirations. As part of the general narrative of writing the Bangsamoro history, the Bangsamoro Bureau on Cultural Heritage (BCH-BARMM) retraced the roots of our brave Bangsamoro heroes to recognize their invaluable contributions to the richness of our cultural heritage.

One way to advance further the goal to writing the Bangsamoro History is through a collaborative partnership with researchers like French National Guilliame Kopp who is very much captivated by the Bangsamoro Cultural Heritage and is passionate in writing the biography of General Datu Salipada Khalid-Pendatun. Such partnership paves way in promoting greater appreciation of our culture as well as pay tribute to the unsung heroes.

Bangsamoro History as told by Notable Individuals

Known to many as a national leader who was the first and only Muslim to lead a combined Muslim Christian-American guerilla army to defend the land from foreign invaders, General S.K. Pendatun’s distinguished leadership contributes greatly to the Bangsamoro History.

In the journey of digging up information and sources regarding the life story of General S.K. Pendatun, BCH-BARMM Executive Director Ardan Sali together with Guilliame Kopp visited professors, the likes of Atty. Michael O. Mastura and Abhoud Syed Lingga who have direct links to the Pendatun bloodline and are knowledgeable of the role General Pendatun play in the local and national affairs.

Atty. Michael O. Mastura recalled the significant events in history detailing the efforts of the Mujahideens and gave a book to further understand Islam. He made mention of the defining character and personality Gen. Pendatun posess that also included a glimpse of his political life. More narratives about the Bangsamoro were recorded in the books that can be seen in the Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy library, a madrasah that he had built to provide education for the Muslim students.

Meanwhile, Professor Lingga laid down names of individuals that may serve as references to the missing links to the life story of Gen S.K. Pendatun.


Apart from accompanying Mr. Kopp in outsourcing information from books and periodicals found in libraries and archives in Cotabato City, BCH-BARMM also donated a book about interesting facts of major ethnic tribes in the region in order to entice the younger generations to embrace the wonders of the Bangsamoro Cultural Heritage. These libraries include the BARMM Library, Notre Dame University, Cotabato City State Polytechnic College and The Mindanao Cross.